Web Development
Course in Faisalabad

Web Development Course Details

  • Comprehensive curriculum: Our Web Development course offers students a strong base and covers various topics, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PHP, and many more are covered in our Web Development Course. 
  • Experienced instructors: Our Instructors have years of experience in the Web Development field & Our Respected Instructors also work on real-world projects with their Expertise & Skills.
  • Practical assignments: Our Web Development course in Faisalabad offers numerous interacting projects & assignments that allow students to improve their practical Expertise in Designing Websites and Web Apps.
  • Access to tools: Our Students have to access a range of tools & technologies implemented in the field of Web Development, among well-known libraries, code editors, and frameworks for Web Development.
  • Certification: Students will get a Certificate of Completion after finishing our Web Development course, After Verifying their abilities in Web Development which will be used to build their resume.
  • Professional Certificate - Issued by Convert Generation Information Technology - CGit


  • Career opportunities: The need for experienced individuals in web development is rising quickly. The course’s graduates will be in a good position to pursue a range of employment in the sector. 

Estimated Salary After Web Development Course

  • Flexibility: With choices for full-time and part-time study, online or in-person sessions, and flexible scheduling options, the course is designed to allow students to customize their educational experience to fit their unique requirements and schedule.

Latest Web Development Course Outlines:

We divide Web Development Course into 12 Modules and these are just outlines for better Guidance about our offer. But, Our Web Development Course will be updated with the latest Updates & Techniques. So, if you have any queries you can Contact Us:

Module 1:

  • Introduction to World Wide Web
  • Web Generations
  • Compare Static websites with Dynamic websites
  • The architecture of static and dynamic Webpages
  • Different types of websites
  • Different web threats
  • What are shopping carts and e-commerce?
  • Website Designing
  • Types of Design
  • Difference between web design and web
  • development
  • Concept of Server and Client
  • Test

 Module 2:

  • Functional and non-functional requirements
  • of a website
  • Website designing using Client-Side Scripting
  • Languages
  • Write HTML code for a website
  • HTML concepts
  • HTML Element
  • Nested HTML Elements
  • Core Attributes
  • Generic Attributes
  • HTML Formatting
  • Grouping Content
  • HTML anchors
  • Test

 Module 3:

  • HTML Head section
  • HTML Style Element
  • Viewport Setting
  • HTML Table
  • HTML Lists
  • Div Element vs Span Element
  • HTML Symantec Elements
  • HTML Layout Techniques
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML Iframe
  • HTML5 Input Types
  • Multimedia Formats
  • Youtube Videos
  • Test

Module 4:

  • Introduction of WordPress
  • WordPress installation
  • Theme Installation
  • Plugin Installation
  • Theme customization
  • Test

Module 5:

  • Page Builder
  • Installing Templets
  • WooCommerce
  • Introduction of Chatbot
  • Purpose Of ChatBot
  • Flow XO
  • Dialog Flow
  • Test

Module 6:

  • Building FAQ ChatBot
  • Survey Chatbot
  • Integration Into Custom Web and WordPress
  • What is CSS?CSS Versions
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Methods
  • Selectors
  • CSS Rules Overriding
  • CSS Comments
  • Colors, Background, Gradient
  • Fonts & Text
  • Images & Links
  • Padding, Margin
  • Positioning
  • Test

Module 7:

  • Floating
  • Radius
  • Border Image
  • Multi Background
  • Shadows
  • Transitions
  • Transforms
  • Animations
  • Media query
  • Flex Box
  • Grid in Css
  • Test

Module 8:

  • Introduction to Bootstrap4, Bootstrap5
  • BS Grid Basic, BS Typography
  • BS Tables, BS Images
  • BS Jumbotron
  • BS Alerts, BS Buttons
  • BS Pagination
  • BS List Groups, BS Dropdowns
  • BS Collapse
  • BS Tabs/Pills
  • BS Navbar
  • BS Forms, BS Inputs
  • BS Carousel Slider
  • Test

Module 9:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Advantages of JavaScript
  • Limitations of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Development Tools
  • Syntax
  • JavaScript Outputs
  • Comments in JavaScript
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Errors and Exceptions
  • Page Redirection
  • Test

Module 10:

  • Introduction to PHP
  • Syntax Overview
  • Commenting PHP Code
  • Variables& Constants
  • Operators
  • Decision Making
  • The If.else Statement
  • The Switch Statement
  • Test

Module 11:

  • Loop Types of PHP
  • String
  • Types of Array
  • Array Functions
  • Sorting Functions in Arrays
  • PHP Functions
  • Scope of variables in functions
  • Php oop concepts
  • Test 

Module 12:

  • Database
  • DBMS
  • MySQL – DB Integration with PHP
  • Test (Fully Web Development Course)
  • Certificate (Web Development Course)
  • Certificate (Only for Internship Students)

Requirements for getting started

  • Not any Age Restrictions
  • Basic knowledge of English 
  • Knowledge of to use of a Computer 
  • Best for Fsc. Students
  • Focused on his passion

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a Web Developer?

To become a web developer, you need to learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can learn these languages through short courses, boot camps, or even self-study. Once you have a good grasp of the basics, you can start building websites and gaining practical experience. At Cgit, you’ll learn Web Development Practically. Here’s not ratta system.

What is Web Development Course?

A web development course is a training program that teaches the skills and knowledge required to become a professional web developer. These courses are available on CGit. We typically cover web development concepts, programming languages, and tools used in the field.

Which language is best for Web Development?

There are several programming languages that are commonly used in web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. The choice of language depends on the specific needs of the project. For example, HTML and CSS are used for the front-end or user interface, while JavaScript and PHP are used for the back-end or server-side functionality.

Is Web Development a good career?

Yes, web development is a good career choice in Pakistan. As the demand for web applications and websites continues to increase, the need for skilled web developers also grows. Pakistani Web developers can work as freelancers or as part of a team in a variety of industries, including technology, e-commerce, and media.

How long to learn web development reedit?

The time it takes to learn web development depends on your dedication and learning pace. At Cgit, we’ll offer 3 Months Short Course and you’ll skilled or learned languages on extreme level and became highly know ledged on Web Development.

How to find freelance work as a web developer?

There are several ways to find freelance work as a web developer, including online job platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, social media, and networking with other professionals. Building a strong portfolio of work is also essential in attracting potential clients.

Is web development in demand?

Yes, web development is in high demand as more businesses and organizations are moving their operations online. With the increasing use of web applications and websites, the need for skilled web developers continues to grow.

What is scope of web development?

The scope of web development is vast and continually expanding. Web developers are needed to design, develop, and maintain websites and web applications for businesses and organizations of all sizes. As technology advances, web development will continue to evolve, creating new opportunities for those in the field.

Which is better android development or web development?

The choice between Android development and web development depends on personal preferences and career goals. Both fields offer exciting opportunities, and it ultimately comes down to which one aligns better with your skills and interests.

How to be a freelance web developer?

To become a freelance web developer, you need to have a strong portfolio of work, be proficient in web development languages, and have excellent communication skills. Cgit will makes you professional and a skillful person and after web development course you’ll be able to find work on Freelance Platforms and earn 40k to 250k. You can find freelance work through online job platforms, social media, and networking with other professionals. Building a reputation for quality work and meeting deadlines is also crucial for success as a freelance web developer.